• Technological solutions

    We offer companies technological solutions that help optimise their business. Electronic gates for quickly passing through airports, high-speed processing of visa applications using machine learning methods, using biometrics, creating chat-bots - members of the Travel Tech Solutions team have experience in solving these and many other issues for different businesses and corporations.

    Both young companies that are just starting up their projects and businesses that have been on the market for many years and need technological updating of the solutions they currently use can contact us.

  • Entering new markets

    Travel Tech Solutions specialists launched international travel projects in Russia, helping corporations assemble their own local team or organise outsourced business processes. Similarly, our experts have experience in bringing Russian companies to international markets - primarily the UK, Monaco and Dubai.

  • Organising business meetings

    For many years, the Travel Tech Solutions team has been involved in organising the Russian-British Business Forum, the largest annual Russian business event in the UK. The Forum is an important platform for meetings of officials and business representatives from both countries, where issues of development and promotion of projects and investments are discussed.

    Our specialists can arrange meetings with officials and representatives of international tourism businesses, both as part of this Forum and outside it.